Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Information Display Panels

Display Solutions for Business and Education

Information presented more beautifully than ever - brought to life in High Definition, Touch enabled and Ultra HD. Expand the possibilities of your business with the visual power of LCD technology.

Display Solutions for Business and Education

Sharp's large-format, high-performance LCD monitors are designed to meet the diverse needs of business users and boast solid reliability, durability, and easy operation. They come in a wide range of sizes with a choice of portrait or landscape installation, allowing customers to choose the monitor best suited to location and purpose.

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Video Wall Professional LCD Monitors

PN-V60x(A) Series

With its slim bezel, the Sharp PN-V600A, PN-V601A set high standards for video wall displays. Portrait and Landscape compatible, full array LED backlight and virtually seamless borders help you create high impact video walls designed to operate 24/7.



Interactive Whiteboard LCD Monitors

PN-80TC3,  PN70TB3 and PN60TB3 BIGPAD touch monitors

Think BIG with Sharp's Interactive Whiteboard displays ! Ranging in size of 60" and 70"and 80", these LED-LCD interactive touchscreen monitors give you a big advantage over conventional display solutions. Check out our latest release the PN80TC3 with capacitive touch as well as our successful PN70TB3 and PN60TB3 10-point interactive touch monitors.



High Brightness - Large Size Professional LCD LED Monitors

PN-Rx03 Series

If size and brightness matter, the PN-R series are definitely a must in your solution. A 700 cd/m2 bright display in impressive sizes of 90", 70" or 60" will for sure impress and bring your message across. Designed for 24/7 operation the PN-R903, PN-R703 and PN-R603 will impress.


General Purpose Professional LCD Monitors

PN-Ex03 Series

Not only are Sharp Professional LCD monitors a dynamic and effective way to convey information, they also add visual impact to offices and public spaces, with the added advantage of low power consumption. Sharp's UV2A technology, found in the PN-E803, PN-E703 and PN-E603, delivers extremely deep blacks and bright, vivid colours while offering additional energy savings through efficient use of light from the backlight. Designed for 24/7 operation.



Ultra HD Monitor


A stunning display in 70" in size. This is Ultra HD to its finest.



General Purpose Professional LCD Monitors

PN-Uxx3 and PN-Yxx5 Series

Around–the-Clock Communicators, The PN-U series monitors are the quiet work horses doing their job day-in day-out. The 700 cd/m2 bright PN-U553 and PN-U473 plus the 500 cd/m2 standard brightness PN-U423 are designed for maximum impact and still a flexible installation.

The PN-Y series monitor, available in 55", 47" 42" and 32" offer an cost-effective solution where 450 CD/m2 brightness and 20/7 operation are adequate offerings.



Touch Monitors 19.5" - 24"

LL-xxx Series

The LL- Series touchscreen monitors open an whole new world in working with graphics and office software in various business situation, in education and working with CAD. Pressure sensitive digitizer pen creates a natural writing experience. Check out the LL-S201A and LL-S242A-W.



Extreme High Brightness Professional LCD Monitor

PN-A60x Series
Want to be sure to be seen in bright areas? Check out our PN-A601. The PN-A601 produces up to 2000 cd/m2 at a very economical 620 Watts. The local dimming backlight ensures super high contrast ratios for excellent viewing experience under bright lighting conditions.