Sunday, 7 June 2020

Faces of Sharp


Assistant Product Manager

My first experience with Sharp was during my work experience program in 2009 whilst I was studying my Bachelor of Science (Nutrition & Food).  I spent 2 months learning and developing skills required to complete my degree. After this, I successfully applied for the position of Product Development Officer where I was able to apply my knowledge to Sharpís technology.  This involved creating and developing recipes and auto menus for the microwaves, steam ovens and other home appliances.  I was also able to use troubleshooting skills to respond to external customer enquiries. Today, my career continues to progress as I work as an Assistant Product Manager. My job involves being responsible for some of our whitegoods products including Microwave Ovens and Small Home Appliances. For these categories, I am involved in various duties including market research and analysis, product planning, pricing and distribution. I am also involved in the creation of point of sale material for our products in store and any promotions / events that we run throughout the year. To be successful in my role it is imperative to have a range of organisational, analytical and creative skills. In our Marketing team we are always trying to think of ways which we can help to increase our branding and product sales as well as new and innovative product ideas to meet the demands and requests of our customers. The things I like most about working at Sharp are the different challenges, events and the people I get work with every day. I am lucky enough to be part of a great, supportive team. 


Senior Manager, TSD

Sharp has diversified vastly since I commenced working here in 1988.There have been many technological innovations.The one thing however that hasnít changed in the time that I have spent at Sharp is the working spirit.We have great people within our team at Sharp, which I am proud to be a part of.

Part of what I enjoy most about working at Sharp is the broad and innovative range of products we create and the level of involvement the engineering team has in their launch to market.There are always new and exciting products to learn about which suits my inquisitive nature.I am responsible for product safety compliance, this job is to ensure that all products launched within Australia comply with Australian Standards. I also participate in the Australian Standards committee to formulate standards, as well as energy and water efficiency ratings. My participation also extends to registering energy and water efficiency rating results with government agencies, product inspections for all imports, safe recycling program for TVs and computers and site maintenance.


Accounts Payable

As a working parent, my primary objective is balancing both work and family life.  I find this balance working at Sharp. Since starting in November 2012, I have been working in a part time job share arrangement. This allows me to spend quality time with my family as well as enjoy a challenging career.   I am responsible for the processing of outgoing payments in a timely manner, follow up of any outstanding invoices from vendors and also internal follow up on any invoicing related matters.  For this role, I have to be extremely pro-active as it is very busy, you have to be on the go all the time, be quick and efficient in responding to queries both inbound and outbound.  I feel very proud to be working for Sharp, a global company who provides itsí employees a wonderful working environment with the flexibility to work part time. Itís very suitable for me as well because I live locally and it gives me more valuable time with family then be on the road.



Sales Support Clerk

Hi, Iím Kimberley.
I started with Sharp in December 2013 as a full time trainee within the Spare Parts Division.  This job is all about ensuring correct processing of spare parts orders and following up with internal and external stakeholders.
I have various tasks some of which are communicating and assisting with enquiries, maintaining the goods return system and sourcing and maintaining spare parts. 
In my role I am constantly learning new things! I have to be persistent, organised, patient, friendly and ready to go the extra mile. Having good memory skills is also handy to have Ė it helps me to remember those 13-digit long part numbers! 
Being in my role is about being part of a team. We work together to benefit our customers and service agents. 
After one year as a Trainee, I was delighted to have been offered a full time permanent position with Sharp. I have recently transferred into the Sales team working as a Sales Support Clerk.


Workshop Technician
Service Direct

I commenced as a Trainee Technician in December 2012.  My job revolves around the configuration of new copier units before they are delivered to customers.  I am also involved in repair and refurbishment of the units as well as inventory control.  The key attributes and skills required to be successful in my role are: computer networking, electronic diagnostic skills and being proficient in using the Microsoft Office suite.  What I most like about working at Sharp is the teamwork and the strong support from my fellow colleagues, particularly as I am in a learning position.  I also thrive on new and interesting technologies and am thrilled to be a part of such an innovative company. I am grateful to Sharp for the opportunity to advance my skills after completing my traineeship.