About Sharp Direct


Sharp the rapid changes occurring in our society and how Digital technology is changing all our lives - in day to day office work with Digital conferencing; in the home as we move towards Digital broadcasting of television. Perhaps the most important change is the advent of Digital networking. The internet environment is changing business life rapidly, merging office and home technologies together, so that there is now integration between them. Sharp’s world-wide leadership in Digital networking with advanced LCD technology ensures Sharp is at the forefront of These changes. Sharp Corporation has a long history of creating breakthrough products designed to meet the needs of people living in Australia and around the world.

Since the company was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1912, when Sharp produced the first self-propelling pencil called the “Ever Sharp”, we have gone from strength to strength. Today, Sharp products are sold in 140 countries.
There are 27 manufacturing operations, 23 sales companies and 9 representative offices in 15 countries.
I am proud of the contribution Sharp makes to society in Australia and thank you for your support.